about dse

The Diamond Standard Coin and Bar: the world’s first and only regulator-approved diamond commodities.

The Diamond Standard Exchange is the venue where Diamond Standard automatically bids for millions of different types of diamonds, to purchase all diamonds for the commodities.

The buying process is regulator-approved, and audited by Deloitte.

The diamonds are graded by the GIA, and the coins and bars are assembled inside the IGI Labs.

Our founder, Cormac Kinney, is the pioneer of the diamond commodity.

With innovations cited in nearly 4,000 U.S. Patents, he has been the founder of four software startups acquired by public companies. Cormac is a quant finance pioneer who invented heatmaps, designed over 100 institutional trading systems, and perfected sentiment analysis for statistical arbitrage, using it to manage over $500 million for Tudor and Millennium.

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